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JAN. 2021

Crew Me Up Transforms How the Entertainment Industry Hires Crew Members

By Alley Watch

The entertainment industry is characterized by its long-hours and unpredictability with crew members’ availability. This makes it difficult for production to staff properly and efficiently. Crew Me Up is the database of filmmakers that adds structure to and centralizes the hiring process, making it easy for film professionals to expand their networks and explore job opportunities.

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DEC. 2020

Crew Me Up Wants to Change the Way You Get Hired in Film and TV

Written By Jo Light

Crew Me Up is the first industry-tailored mobile platform that connects filmmakers in real-time. The app offers a streamlined pathway to access and track film and TV jobs that are posted in various regions.

Joshua Friedman: People Person

By Nick Dager

Joshua A. Friedman started his decades-long career in the motion picture business as a production assistant on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, working his way into the Director’s Guild as an assistant director on Person of Interest. Along the way he wrote the book Getting It Done: The Ultimate Production Assistant Guide. 

Getting It Done: The Ultimate Production Assistant Guide (Review)

Written By Kathryn Butt

This is definitely the most impressive collation of advice and factual information I’ve seen for those at the bottom of the production ladder. The book is complete with role breakdowns, explanations of technical terminology, and a fun mix of personal anecdotes from Friedman’s own experience.

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