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Q: What is Crew Me Up?

A: Crew Me Up is a Mobile Hub for Production Crew to Connect, Find Work, and Source Rentals or Production Services.


Q: How do I get started on Crew Me Up?

A: Download Crew Me Up on your Mobile Device, Create your profile, and connect with your filmmaking friends.  If your friends aren’t on the app yet, click the invite button on the top left of the screen and share with your favorite Crew!

Q: What do I do once I’m on Crew Me Up?

A: When Department heads post jobs, Crewbies can apply…  But we’ve built our 2.0 System to allow Crew to make you a direct offer through a search or through your profile.  No need for you to do anything, just keep your profile up to date!


Q: I have a network that I work with… why do I need Crew Me Up?

A: If you don’t need a network or database, Crew Me Up can save you time locking in the Crew you do know by sharing their availability and links to their most recent jobs on IMDB and their CMU Profile.  Bonus, As a Department head I can generate a labor report for every production.


Q: How do I complete my Crew Me Up Profile?

A: Click the Person Icon on the Right of the Bottom Menu Bar and follow these steps:

  1. Click the Dots in the top right corner and choose “Update Profile”

  2. Fill out your personal and Professional Information

  3. Upload a PDF resume.

  4. Enter your Website Link if you have one.

  5. Copy and Paste your IMDB Url in the Box.

  6. Update Availability automatically through your calendar.


Q: How do I use my Crew Me Up Calendar?

A: Click the calendar Icon in the Bottom Menu Bar.  When you get booked through Crew Me Up the calendar will update automatically.  If you need to change your availability, click the Blue “Change Availability” Button at the top right of the screen and follow these steps:

  1. Click Update Availability

  2. Choose the Dates you’d like to be Available or Unavailable.

  3. Click the Blue Update Button to confirm and you’re ready to go.


Q: What are Crew Me Up Groups?

A: Crew Me Up Groups are non-profit or Educational organizations that have a group of members looking for production opportunities.


Q: How do I join a Crew Me Up Group?  

A: Join a Group by Clicking the Group Tab and taking the following steps:

  1. Search for the group that you want to join and click the page.

  2. On the Group Page you can learn more through socials, websites, or contact the group.

  3. In the Top Right Corner Click the blue “Join” button to send a request to the Admin.

  4. As a Group Member you can see the other members and be found by Crew hiring!


Q: Why would I join a group?

A: Groups make it easy for their members to be found when the organization is approached by productions who want to hire.  They are also a place for Crew to find like-minded filmmakers who they can work with and build relationships with for the future!


Q: How is Crew Me Up different?

A: Simply… Crew Me Up is a Project based Labor Management Platform supported by a social database and booking system.  


     -The Old Way of hiring stems from a gig/post system.  You would submit a public post looking to hire crew and hope that the right person responds with availability and experience.


     -Crew Me Up’s New Way of hiring is a Project Based system.  Instead of sourcing crew one at a time, Crewbies create a project with a start date and end date.  Now you can hire as many crew in as many positions as you need on any day within your whole project.


Q: What are Crew Me Up Vendors?

A: Vendors on Crew Me Up are companies that provide rentals, sales, or services that support productions.  If you need Camera Rentals, Location Services, or other Production Resources.  Crew Me Up has an organized list of vendors across 35 categories and 50 US States to get what your production needs, when your production needs it.


Q: How do I use a Crew Me Up Vendor Page?

A: From the Vendor tab click your Vendor of Choice.  Each profile has links to Social, Websites, and buttons to email or call each vendor to connect.


Q: How much does Crew Me Up cost?

A: Crew Me Up is Completely free.  Your job is to be a filmmaker and practice your craft.  It’s not to hire your crew or look for work.  We will never charge you to do that.


Q: Is Crew Me Up Right For Me?

A: If you’re an entertainment professional behind the camera, Crew Me Up is right for you.  Download today and we’ll see you on set

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